The stress of pet ownership

With pets becoming part of the family unit within all walks of life,  it can be a distressing time when their beloved animal goes missing. Whether this be the escaped guinea pig that is hiding under a bush to the more difficult challenge of a cat that has gone missing. Cases such as the guinea pig can be easily solved if acted on quickly, but the nature of cats and sometimes dogs can be a great deal more stressful. With so many hiding places for cats such as warm sheds and garages or the friendly neighbours who offer the cat food. Many say that cats in particular often have a few different owners, travelling from one house to another looking for attention,  cuddles and food. Should you find that your cat is missing then making sure people check their sheds and garages in the local vicinity is a good start. Whilst walking around your local vicinity calling out the pets name with your familiar voice may also assist. Should your lost cat not reappear there are some specialist companies that can also help such as,  but you are best to hope that your pet does not go missing in the first place.

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